Friday, August 26, 2011

Anthrophobic Ball

2 player game similar to Labyrinth.

There is a maze with multiple paths that have player controlled "gates" which stop the ball from rolling down a certain path.

Both players are trying to manipulate the paths (through gate closures) so that the ball ends up in the player's space/hole/void, while Attempting to circumvent each other. In this picture, the light-blue/teal colored blips represent the gates. The white lines represent the different paths.
The white fog at the bottom is a game over condition, I'll explain that further on.

The maze is a plane on a central axis, which tilts randomly and suddenly.
The shapes and sizes of the mazes could be varied, but there is always at least one edge where the ball could fall off the map completely --a losing condition for both players. So both will have to coordinate gate closures, in this circumstance, until the axis tilts again. It's a sudden cooperate or die mode.

Different points and angles where the axis could shift:

The image that comes to my mind is of a somewhat slow, very large, sagging-bloated mass. Like a semi deflated plastic ball. Which at steep tilts could be tumbling and rolling, and flatter slopes could be sort of sliding along...

Other Variables: (Just brainstorming)


-another idea; the map could be dynamically reorganizing itself. A difficulty increase.
It could also have a topographical surface coupled to some physics, to complicate
the balls movement. In this picture, the lines represent paths, the intersections of the lines are a bit more bold--this is where the gate closures would be, one for each path radiating from the intersection:

tilt of the axis.
-or a player could control the change in axis through some gameplay mechanism.
-one player could exclusively control gates while another controls the axis only.

The End

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