Friday, September 30, 2011

Results from the HERO MACHINE

Csípőprotézis is Hungarian for hip replacement and the name of our hero who has so much personality that he's toned down the clothes to soften his impact. Csípőprotézis exudes extroversion far beyond necessity. Thus he must tone it down because he has the unfortunate occupation of process server. He is well known in the business district as the delivery chariot of horrible news---'You have been sued'. 

His eyeglasses reduce the landscape to a single tone range, the only thing that remains in it's original color palette is the client. Help avoid Csípőprotézis from getting distracted. Csípőprotézis loves small talk, loves to drag on and on about nothing in particular. He loves to talk to people like they've known each other for years.....All the while the client will notice him and make a run for it.

Stanovené is Slovak for specified, our faceless heroine. Through a series of carefully chosen masks she will attempt to communicate. The player chooses masks, all of which are abstractions or have strange emotive imagery painted onto them. Stanovené appears to be a street performer, but is actually on an extended and now unwanted vacation. She has completely lost her face. It's so absurd that everyone thinks it's an act. It doesn't help that she's in Venice either. She is trying to communicate this problem to others, with great difficulty.

This is the team jersey for the Department of Disruption. They hate sports and they abhor stadium architecture. Their only form of organization is in the disruption of team sports. Each member of the team will enter a sports event, dressed as if they belong there hence the uniform. Each team member independently forms disruption strategies. 

For example, one may enter the locker rooms and kidnap key players, hide them away, and then dress up in their uniforms, wear their jewelry, even reenact pregame superstitions. Then go out onto the play field and stop the game from progressing forward until they are eventually chased out by security. Another may enter the bleachers and constantly change seats, fidget, annoy, and ask concessions workers to serve them from unreasonable distances. 

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